Here at Lands End Pasty Co., we offer ready baked pasties that you can eat on the go or sit and enjoy. 

Pasties are a traditional Cornish food that dates back to the tin mines in the southwestern portion of the UK.

While we carry the traditional pasty of steak, potato, rutabaga and onion, we also offer a variety of other pasty creations, including some vegetarian options.

 Tues - Sat:
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sun & Mon:

You can find our restaurant in Dinkytown at the end of the hallway between Shuang Cheng and Varsity Bike and Transit. Look for the maroon awning that reads "Dinkydale".
Lands End Pasties, fast food that tastes like home cooking.
Grab a quick pasty for takeout or have a seat and stay awhile.